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CLEANSE Activated Charcoal Konjac Sponge


This is a must in your personal care regimen! Unique, mineral-rich fibers of Konnyaku plant infused with activated charcoal make the Activated Charcoal Konjac Sponge an ideal tool to gently cleanse and remove build-up without stripping delicate skin.

Make The Most Of Your Konjac Sponge!

Ideal for face and body:

  • Acne-prone, Oily
  • Facial Cleanser
  • Underarm Detox (learn more about )
  • Complexion Corrector
  • Décolletage Exfoliator


Key Features

Cleanse - Activated Charcoal Konjac Sponge


  • Konjac Root Fiber, Activated Charcoal.


  • Wet skin. Soak the sponge in warm water until softened and expanded. Gently massage the skin in circular motion until fully cleansed.


  • Allow to dry in a well-ventilated area after each use. Never use the sponge when dry. Can be disinfected in hot water for about 2-4 minutes. Konjac sponge should be replaced after 2-3 months.



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